Guest Speaker: Dan Soderberg // Impact Campus Fellowship

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Guest Speaker: Dan Soderberg
IMPACT Campus Fellowship
Dan Soderberg is the director of Impact, a regional youth ministry that sends youth pastors to middle and high schools to share the love of Christ with students during their lunch period. On Sunday, January 14th, he shared the message, “The Incredible Impact of Jesus Christ.” Jesus is everywhere; from the names we give our cities, to the hospitals and schools which bear His influence, to the way we organize our calendars into the years before Christ (B.C.) and after Christ (A.D., anno Domini- “in the year of our Lord”). Colossians 1:15-20 bears witness to His holding everything together and so it makes sense that His fingerprints are on everything. Jesus has had a clear impact on our world today and He’s doing the same thing in western New York every week in middle schools and high schools across our region.